Assessment Day

Assessment Day

The assessment is usually scheduled over two half-days. Once the paperwork is completed, the examiner will usually spend 30 to 45 minutes meeting with the client or parent(s) to obtain background information. During this time, children remain in the waiting area with a choice of activities and friendly supervision. The examiner will ask a series of questions to clarify major concerns and obtain information regarding relevant developmental, medical, academic and social history.

The assessment then proceeds, with the examiner ensuring the comfort of the client being assessed and working interactively to administer the first half of the various assessment tools. Short breaks are taken as needed, during which time the child may be offered a drink or snack. Once the second session begins, the examiner will work with the client for approximately two to three more hours to complete the testing.

When testing is finished, the examiner will discuss the major findings of the assessment and provide recommendations. After our psychologists have thoroughly reviewed the assessment, a full written report containing specific recommendations is provided. The report is sent directly to the client within 30 days and, at the client’s request, to other professionals. The formal report will contain the assessment results (including a diagnosis, if applicable), a description of the tests and actual scores, and a summary section that will provide a list of recommendations and strategies to address areas of weakness.

The clients (whether child, adolescent, or adult), most often comment that the process is interesting, informative or even enjoyable.

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