College and University Students

College and University Students

Students are often surprised to learn that colleges and universities can provide accommodations for those with learning disabilities or emotional issues. In fact, there are many options available, depending on the diagnosed disability.

Students may receive a scribe, a reader, or digital texts, extra time for exams, a reduced course load, or a learning strategist to help them organize their courses.

In addition, the assessor will offer suggestions for study strategies that are compatible with the student’s learning style.

Colleges and universities require a current assessment before providing accommodations. Referrals may be made by the college/university or the student may refer themselves. The testing process is valuable and interesting, and gives a young adult a new understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

There are several funding options to assist a college or university student. The cost of the assessment may be covered by a parent’s health insurance plan and bursaries are available through some institutions and through OSAP. Chisholm is also part of the Regional Assessment Team at Queen’s University, which assists many colleges and universities.

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