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Although the services of a psychologist are not covered by OHIP, clients with prescription or dental plans may also have benefits that include the services of a registered psychologist, such as psychotherapy or psychological assessment. If you are uncertain about your coverage, our office can provide you with a predetermination letter for submission to your insurance company so that you will know your coverage in advance of the assessment.

When a child is assessed, insurance companies often allow for the time the child was evaluated and also for the time required to consult with the parents. Therefore, both the child and the parents are listed on the insurance claim form as separate clients.

Some Employee Assistance Plans may also cover our services, and post-secondary students may be covered by their institution. For those who have a Health Spending Account, psychological services are most often covered.

If the cost is a major factor, please speak to our intake department to see if they can make alternative payment arrangements.

The services of a psychologist may also be claimed as an income-tax deduction. The fees for psychological services are HST-exempt.

The Ontario Psychological Association publishes a recommended fee schedule. We use this recommendation when setting our fees.

Payment may take place by cheque, debit, or credit card.

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